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GCS is a client-centered leadership development, “strategic thinking,” consulting company focused on delivering realistic, feasible outcomes and sustained business practices for its clients.

Built on one of the most core fundamentals in business—”to maximize employee performance, morale, and productivity”—GCS collaborates and engages with clients on strategy development, execution, effective communication, building trust, cultivating talent, and leader development to ensure the organization’s objectives are achieved.

Global Core Strategies was established in 2013 to provide specific needs-based consulting aligned with the strategic plan of its clients. There are few firms with the expertise to deliver client-driven holistic management, coaching, consulting, and leader development services to organizations. We deliver such services with a collaborative mindset, competitive pricing, and demonstrable benefits to clients.

Global Core Strategies recognizes the importance of asking the difficult questions and having crucial conversations in order to build trusting, long term relationships with our clients. Above all else, we value our relationships with our clients and keep the lines of communication open.

Our collaboration and adaptability allows us to design custom solutions that yield the greatest return on investment for our clients. Our diversity of thought helps us solve the most challenging problems, leveraging the best people from various backgrounds within the industry. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, having worked with all levels of leadership, gaining real-world unteachable experiences. Most importantly, we are committed to working collaboratively and honestly with each and every client. We believe in “Diversity of Thought and Culture.”


GCS is built on core values. Our values define us as a company, as individuals, and are reflected in every interaction with clients.

  • Collaboration: We are dedicated to working collaboratively with our clients, respecting their intellect, ability, values, and goals.
  • Trust & Integrity: We will conduct all business honestly, openly and ethically with others at all times, while maintaining client privacy and confidentiality.
    We believe in personal accountability.
  • Leadership: We are exemplary in our actions and responsibilities to our clients and colleagues, taking ownership in driving the collaborative effort.
  • Personal Development: We continually strive to improve ourselves through self-knowledge and awareness, academically and socially.