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GCS can help you identify what is right for your organization and create a program that is engaging and applicable for your employees. Our training and strategic alignment will propel you and your organization to the next level.

  • Establishing and Building Trust
  • Communication That Counts
  • Leadership Alignment and Development
  • Understanding and Developing Your Team
  • Build Your Team – Leveraging Diversity
  • Providing Constructive Feedback Effectively
  • Navigating Differences in The Workforce
  • Learning and Collaboration
  • Key Strategies to Effective Leadership
  • Cultural or Behavioral Change
  • Conflict Management
  • Training and Performance Support
  • Dealing with Your Blind Spots
  • Developing The Leaders Around You
  • Diversity and Inclusion Training
  • Leading Change – Getting in front of it!
  • Sales Training
  • Winning More with People
  • Leading Under Pressure
  • Intentional Leadership Influence
  • Stop Losing Your Top Talent


Team Building is about leadership, communication, and relationships – leaders make the difference with people. Having the best pool of talent is one thing – keeping them and getting the team to be productive consistently can be quite another. While all companies strive to reap the benefits of a diverse and talented workforce, few have navigated successfully how to leverage the advantages rather than be distracted by the differences.

At GCS we recognize and understand the challenges associated with aligning a diverse workforce. Navigating multi-generational cultural differences often requires the ability to narrow personal, positional, and professional gaps. Mobilizing a diverse group of professionals is less about training and more about intentional leader development—understanding there is much value in embracing dissenting opinions rather than silencing them. It’s all about learning to disagree without being disagreeable and creating a culture that supports open dialogue at all levels.


Corporate culture can evolve by design or by default—the former is always more productive than the latter. At GCS Consulting we understand complex organizations require an integrated approach to strategic planning, leadership development, organizational design, coaching, diversity, and work-life balance in order to thrive. Organizations that fail to understand how these elements complement one another will always wonder why other companies seem to have the “edge” they desire.

At GCS Consulting we know how to help companies’ bridge culture, professional, intellectual, and engagement gaps to move beyond the business-as-usual mentality—to a change in behavior in order to leverage all resources. If what you want is a thriving organization capable of attracting, developing and retaining the best talent, then you need to develop an organizational culture that fully embraces the power of intentional, influential, and empowering leadership. We have proven our ability to facilitate the ordinary into extraordinary results. Let's build a partnership to discover what the possibilities are.


We help our clients to become more agile and “adaptable.” We provide premier leader development and strategic guidance at all levels.

GCS brings industry-leading professionals to you. Whatever challenge you face with leadership, we have trusted experts with practical experience to help you get to the next level. We’re about helping organizations retain their top talent to consistently achieve optimal results.


  • Comprehensive Data Collection
  • Timely and Specific Reporting
  • Tailored to Meet Your Needs
  • Group Assessments
  • Use VIA Mobile and Web
  • User Friendly